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Spokane Oldtimers By-Laws






Our newest group of skaters in the Spokane Oldtimers honors the legacy of the Spokane Jets' teams of the 1960s and 1970s by wearing exact replica sweaters. The Jets put Spokane on the map when they won Canada's coveted Allan Cup in 1970, and then repeated in 1972.

This group was formed to help bridge the gap between the other two groups. As our Grinder group continues to grow, they now have a smoother transition up as they train to become Masters!

The Spokane Jets is also a testament to the success of our organization. As we grow in number we also look to grow our fundraising abilities. This group will help the organization bring in more funds that we can in turn give back to the Spokane public. 


The Spokane Jets after completing a nice weekend in the Spokae Oldtimers Hockey Tournament in March '15. 






Spokane Oldtimers Mission Statement

The Spokane Old-timers Hockey Association is a benevolent organization whose mission is to support and promote the game of ice hockey and to assist individuals and charitable organizations of the Inland Northwest
through fellowship and fundraising activities.


USA Hockey Registration

Required for everyone skating with the Spokane Oldtimers Hockey Association.

Register Here


Oldtimer Grants

Each year the Oldtimers offers area hockey players and teams the opportunity to apply for assistance from our grant program.

Plese apply via a form below. We will review the applications and schedule an interview with both the player and parents. 

Download Word
Grant '14.doc

Download PDF
Grant '14.pdf