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Spokane Oldtimers By-Laws




Spokane Oldtimers History 

The 1948-49 Spokane Flyers set the stage for the city's championship tradition by beating the Windsor Spitfires for the U.S. National Senior amateur title. The 1949-50 Flyers duplicated the feat beating the New York Rovers. Seven other teams have followed in their footsteps, winning both the Canadian Senior championships – the Allan Cup – four times and the Memorial Cup for Canadian junior supremacy, twice.

It All Began Back In 1974...or maybe 1948! 

Back in 1975, a group of former Spokane hockey players got together to organize what would become the Spokane Oldtimers Hockey Association.

Now, although many of the names have changed, 30 years later the organization is still a force in the hockey community. One constant in the organization has been Vern Kneeshaw, pictured above in the first row of the 1948-49 Spokane Flyers National Senior Championship team. Kneeshaw was part of the group that got the Spokane Oldtimers going and recently was honored the group's lone current "lifetime" member. Kneeshaw recalled how the group got going in the spring of 1975. "Oldtimer hockey was popular in Canada at the time and we wanted to try to get it going down here.

Spokane Oldtimers Founders

Blinkey Boyce
Carl Cirullo
Jerry Fodey
Vern Kneeshaw
Dan McDougald
Red Tilson
Don Scherza

In looking back through the notes on the organization, Kneeshaw recalled the first meeting took place on March 23, 1975. Less than a week a week later Kneeshaw, along with Jerry Fodey, Carl Cirullo, Dan McDougald, Tony Hemerling, Blinkey Boyce, Don Scherza, John Dolan and Red Tilson gathered to officially form the organization. Kneeshaw joked that Scherza probably wasn't old enough at the time to officially be an "oldtimer."

A copy of the original documents showing the founders of Spokane Oldtimers Hockey Association. It's kind of our "constitution" with the signatures of our forefathers.'


Kneeshaw was voted the organizations's first president and from that day forward the group has helped keep the tradition of Spokane hockey alive and well. The first Oldtimers Tournament was held in 1981, in 2006 celebrated 25 consecutive years of fun and fellowship. To this day, attending the Spokane tournament has been a tradition for many teams each season. Some teams spend their off-season raising money to attend the Spokane tournament, oftentimes bringing themselves and their families to the event.

In addition to the Spring Tournament that is coordinated by the Masters Division, the Grinders present a June golf tournament and have played a spring game versus the Calgary Flame Alumni. All events that the Spokane Oldtimers present provide monies to both local charities that include both hockey and non-hockey causes.

The group annually sponsors youth hockey players and teams as well as providing dollars to the likes of the Vanessa Behan Nursery, Sacred Heart Children's Hospital, the Mark Rypien Foundation and others. Contact us if you have a worthwhile charity we might be able to help.

Looking Back...
The 1979-80 Flyers: Our last Allan Cup winners

Over a quarter century has passed since the Spokane Flyers last hoisted the Allan Cup in victory.

The Flyers went out in impressive fashion beating the Cambridge Hornets 4 games to none at the old Spokane Coliseum.

Not long after, the Flyers would abandon their long-time senior hockey roots and move to the junior Western Hockey League. Of course that move to the Western Hockey League has resulted in two more championships – Memorial Cup victories in 1991 and 2008.






Spokane Oldtimers Mission Statement

The Spokane Old-timers Hockey Association is a benevolent organization whose mission is to support and promote the game of ice hockey and to assist individuals and charitable organizations of the Inland Northwest
through fellowship and fundraising activities.


USA Hockey Registration

Required for everyone skating with the Spokane Oldtimers Hockey Association.

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Oldtimer Grants

Each year the Oldtimers offers area hockey players and teams the opportunity to apply for assistance from our grant program.

Plese apply via a form below. We will review the applications and schedule an interview with both the player and parents. 

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